A Journey To Fulfillment

What if Nature could speak to us in human language?

What would all the trees and lakes and rocks and streams
have to say?

This is Your Journey of Fulfillment
Inspired by Nature

After witnessing us for hundreds of years, some of the pristine and glorious parts of Yosemite National Park and its environs are imparting their wisdom to us in clear messages of support. Nature is encouraging us on our individual journeys toward fulfilling lives of love, happiness and freedom.

In the book Conversations With Nature you’ll easily re-connect with nature through inspiring photography and nature’s lovingly direct messages to you about life and the pursuit of your happiness.  You’ll learn how to apply nature’s wise perspectives in your daily reality through the captivating stories from the author’s own journey of transformation.  This book will help you slow down, re-connect, and find direction amongst all the choices available to you now.

What’s Inside

Cathedral Peak Reflection

Cathedral Peak Reflection

Each of the 19 short chapters begins with an inspiring photo from Yosemite National Park or her surrounding environs.  In the glorious tradition of Ansel Adams, the photos are printed in black and white thus enabling you to fully sense the energy exuded by Nature.

The chapter begins with Nature’s message to us … about how to live more fully, happily, and easily.  Nature’s words flow like a bubbling stream and resonate inside us like a perfect summer breeze through the trees.  Each message was carefully transcribed to best relay the essence of Nature’s wisdom and the uniqueness of her perspectives.

The second half of each chapter is in the author’s own voice, describing with her own life lessons how Nature’s wise message showed up in daily practice.  Follow the author’s journey, from corporate slave yearning to be free, through failed entrepreneurial attempts, to empowered free being living life with joyful purpose.

This is a book you can digest in small bites, open to any page for inspiration, and read again and again for new insights perfect for the part of your journey you are on right now.  Gift yourself and your loved ones with Nature’s loving presence, no matter where you are.  Her message is timeless.

Learn more about the author, Melissa Cantrelle


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