About The Author

Melissa Cantrelle

Melissa Cantrelle is a life coach, career catalyst, and empowering workshop leader. She has worked for over twelve years as a management consultant to large and small businesses and as a coach and facilitator for experiential business workshops.  She has also trained and practiced for over twenty years as an intuitive healer and continues to work closely with Nature in all of her ongoing projects.

Melissa has been working with and talking with Nature ever since she read Machaelle Wright’s book about Findhorn and Perelandra.  In her current roles she introduces grounded, practical, and delightfully visionary insights to her clients.

Since the writing of Conversations With Nature, Melissa has moved to Carrollton, Texas to live and work with her partner Dan Coppersmith.  Together Melissa and Dan offer many inspiring services and products to uplift your self-esteem, easily upgrade your nutrition, and bring your inspired visions to life.  Learn more about these new adventures at the following websites:

www.EasySelfEsteemNow.com for a resource-packed playbook to help you create and sustain the high self-esteem so critical to achieving your goals and enjoying your journey.

www.LovingSuperfoods.com for easy and yummy raw, organic superfoods you can add to your current diet and immediately experience increased energy, complete nutrition, and an easy release of excess toxins and fats.

www.Catalize.com for Melissa’s inspiring and practical life coaching practice including the use of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help you remove obstacles on your journey.

www.Spiritwire.com for Dan’s uplifting and beautiful products that combine his extraordinary nature photography with self-esteem enhancing quotes and poems.  Don’t miss out on the amazing effects of the Hello World Affirmational Poem … read it outloud and notice how much more alive and brilliant you feel.


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