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Cats Love Conversations With Nature

June 23, 2009
Cobalt & Rain Love Conversations With Nature

Cobalt & Rain Love Conversations With Nature

I never knew that Conversations With Nature would have such an admiring audience from cats.

Here are Cobalt and Rain, two little kittens my friend Katherine recently adopted.  According to Katherine the kitties can’t get enough of my book.  They sit on it whenever they can, even going to the trouble of climbing up the bookshelf to get to it.

In this photo Rain (on the left) is a little perturbed that she was slightly moved off of the book in order for you to see the cover.  Hmm, perhaps they like the stories about how my cat, Merla, got me to write the book and stay on task of living my most fulfilling purpose.  Look out Katherine, they might have ideas for you next!


Your Responses to Conversations With Nature

May 28, 2009

Your comments and feedback are welcome!  Tell me how Conversations With Nature inspired your journey of fulfillment?

Do you have a favorite chapter?  A favorite moment?  A delightful experience you’d like to share?

I promise, I read all comments and I do my best to reply quickly though I am also on “river-time”.  I mean, I really don’t push the river anymore. 🙂

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!